Confidential reporting by your channel partners


Channel Partners should have their own reporting system separate and distinct from your own corporate system and that by doing so you are more likely to gain buy-in and usage by the channel to report issues.


Having a mechanism to find out about your channel partners is an important part of your channel compliance programme. We believe that it is good practice to be separate from your company whistleblower programme in order to maintain independence and simplicity. 

Access our app based solutions that enable a channel partner is raise issues or concerns through a mobile platform. This very easy solution is cost effective and will enable transparency options within your channel.

Our services include the following:

  • Defining the policies and procedures around the use of a whistleblower programme

  • Launching the technology platform and application

  • Preparing awareness, communication and training programme

  • Defining escalation paths for inbound issues

  • Conducting reviews and investigations on inbound issues

The platform can be used for:

  • Reporting compliance issues to you from your channel

  • Raising concerns about customers or about requests for bribes from customers

  • Product quality issues identified by the channel

Why The Red Flag Group?


Quality Technology.  We have built our technology using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques and, alongside, IBM Watson, have developed a innovative and simple solution for partners.


Advanced reporting. The reporting from the application is sent to a case management system of yours, or alternatively, into our incident management/case management application within the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform.


Domain Knowledge.  We know the underlying issues and how to manage them.  Our additional services add value to your channel programme reporting.

Featured Product

IntegraCall® | Secure Compliance Hotline, is a simple, affordable and intelligent hotline platform that enables a channel partner to raise an issue in multiple languages and in multiple ways. 


Our AI based, APP first system is innovative and simple to implement.

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