Whistleblowing and reporting for franchisors

Stay aware of franchisee issues through our confidential reporting tools.


As a franchise organisation, you need to support and foster ethical conduct across your franchisee network.

Our whistleblowing and reporting tool – IntegraCall®, enables each franchisee and its employees to raise issues or concerns through the IntegraCall® mobile app. An employee can download the app within seconds and raise issues by voice or text messages. Reports are stored in the associated Case Manager platform (a web based application) and can be managed by business and compliance leaders confidentially.

In addition to the IntegraCall® app, our Advisory consulting services can help you develop or improve your whistleblowing and reporting programme through:

  • Design of a whistleblower and reporting policy or procedure
  • Configuration and rollout of the IntegraCall® app and Case Manager tool
  • Development of awareness, communication and training for the whistleblower programme
  • Assisting on reviews of reported issues

To learn more about our Whisteblowing and Reporting solutions, visit our IntegraCall® website to set up a demonstration.


Why the Red Flag Group?

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Quality Technology.  We have built our technology using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques and, alongside, IBM Watson, have developed a innovative and simple solution for partners.

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Advanced reporting. The reporting from the application is sent to any  case management platform you have set up, or our incident management application within the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform.

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Domain Knowledge.  We know the underlying issues and how to manage them.  Our additional services add value to your reporting.

Featured Product

A simple, affordable and intelligent hotline platform that enables you to instantly take action and follow up a case, wherever it comes from, while ensuring you are compliant to any local regulations.


Our AI based, APP first system is innovative and simple to implement.

Learn more about IntegraCall® atwww.integracall.com