Webinar: Cyber Security Trends

A number of the data breaches involving United States retailers have involved the same infiltration tactics by hackers: the exploitation of third-party contractors. As multinational companies develop longer supply chains in an effort to better leverage the global economy and improve margins, these chains are offering more opportunities for cyber-attacks. With cyber-defence budgets often prioritising company headquarters, organisations are inadvertently driving attacks towards the most vulnerable parts of their chain.

This webinar examines supply-chain due diligence and provide compliance officers with suggestions on remediation steps and prevention controls. In particular, speakers, Jennifer Weedon (Manager, threat intelligence, FireEye) and James Walker (Senior Ethics & Compliance Counsel, Tesco) cover the following best practice tips:

  • Know your third parties
  • Know their business
  • Know their risk
  • Know their access
  • Know your anti-bribery and anti-corruption obligations
  • Learn from the latest data breaches
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