Webinar: Breaking your supply chain into manageable pieces for a risk based approach

18 August, 2016

When considering supplier risk management programmes many companies struggle with where to get started. The sheer volume of suppliers can be one of the biggest deterrents to approaching the issue. Often, this struggle is magnified as companies attempt to apply the same process to all suppliers. Every supplier is different and presents different reisks. There is not such thing as a one size fits all programme to manage risk in large complex supply chains. Your business does not utilise every supplier in the same way nor should your risk management programme treat every supplier the same.

We discuss how to create a manageable approach when faced with large complex supply chains. You will learn:

  • The value supplier categorisation for risk potential
  • How to identify the right level of touch for each supplier used by your business
  • The keys to creating a quality programme that covers the breadth of your supply chain

Slide deck available

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