Your business partners, counterparties and other third parties need to know your expectations

Get expert help  to build your entire awareness, communications and training strategies for their third parties. Implement these strategies in innovative ways to get the message across that these business partners and other third parties. 


We help companies with:

  • Developing a strategy around Awareness, Communications and Training (ACT) for their counterparties.

  • Determining the best communications strategy and writing content for release to their counterparties.

  • Delivering training in face to face, workshops, or eLearning to all key business partners.

  • 'Managed services' to manage (outsourced basis) the entire ACT initiatives across all your counterparties.


Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Depth of content. Determining the topics that need to be trained on is an essential step.  Access the depth of content experience and have very experienced experts to deliver the training.

  • Skills. An in-house staff might not have the skills, time or resources to conduct effective training on certain topics. Access trained thousands of employees at top companies on compliance and integrity related topics.

  • Behaviour focused. Our trained experts have developed rigorous training curriculum to ensure that learners understand acceptable behaviours, identify misconduct, understand key areas of the law and know how to apply it to their daily tasks. 

  • Appeal to various audiences. The target audience for live training can vary a great deal.  It can be hundreds of new employees at a newly acquired company or a select few members from the board of directors.  

  • Challenge. For more experienced employees that will take training, there will be an in-depth examination of problematic areas but for newly hired employees, content can be an overview of many topics. Get challenged to think and learn, not just sit through training.

  • Customised content. We partner with you to get a better understanding of the specific topics that matter most to them and adapt our training curriculum to address high priority areas.  Our trainers use real-world scenarios and case studies to provide an overview of key concepts in a way that is relatable to the audience.

  • Facilitation Skills. While content is important, so is the ability to facilitate a group.  You need to be able to manage the personalities, the cultures and the sheer size of a large group.  You need to keep people engaged, energised and focused on the training.