The importance of third party screening

Do you really know who you are hiring?

Do you really know who you have hired?

How confident are you that they are not linked to any terrorist organisations or were previously involved in money laundering? Employing someone with bad connections could bring disrepute to the business and have a negative impact on its future viability. 

Why third party screen?

 By now the need for third party screening should be self-explanatory. A bad hire can be detrimental to operations and profits but if this wasn’t bad enough, failing to research new hires can be deemed to be negligence. 

Outsourcing employee background screening

 Why do companies turn to third parties to conduct background screening checks?

One of the main reasons for this is that employment background checks should be carried out in a respectful and legal manner. Achieving this can take considerable resources and, since in many cases companies don’t have the requisite knowledge or resources to achieve this, outsourcing becomes an attractive option.

Additionally, outsourced employee screening provides an independent assessment of the candidate as there no vested conflict of interest.

The benefits of outsourcing

Professional providers of employment background checks are experts in their field and as such have more experience and are better equipped for undertaking thorough legal investigations. Outsourcing employment background checks enables companies to minimise expenditure and use their resources to focus on their business operations.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that if employment background screening is outsourced it offers greater legal immunity than if it had been done in-house. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Legislation establishes legal immunity for companies that outsource background checks. This protection includes privacy invasion, defamation and hiring negligence lawsuits.

Notifying candidates

It should be noted that if candidates are being investigated, they should receive notification of this by either the third party or the business.

This applies regardless of whether they are investigating the candidate’s character, credit capacity, credit worthiness, credit standing, personal characteristics, general reputation or mode of living.

Many employee background screening companies provide FCRA-friendly authorization and disclosure forms to protect their clients.

Candidate privacy

If employment background screening is conducted in-house, employees may suspect that some of their co-workers have had access to their background and this can erode trust. Using a third-party provider employment background checks demonstrates to applicants that everyone is being treated fairly.

If, as the result of certain characteristics such as poor credit history, you decide to reject a candidate, they must be informed of your decision by means of an adverse action letter. Many third party employment background screening firms include adverse action letters within their scope of supply.

Hire with confidence

Did you know that information on arrests that did not result in convictions cannot be used in pre-employment screening? If you weren’t aware of this, it may be time to phone a third party background screening company.

Background screening is a complicated process, affected by legal issues, industry-specific best practices, and ever changing parameters. It is recommended to select a background screening company which has an in-depth knowledge of your specific industry as well as extensive experience in tracking records.

Using a third party employment background screening company can result in lowered costs, improved outcomes and improved legal protection. It also generally results in lower hiring and legal errors.