Exclusive Offer for TPRM Summit Attendees

Free Third Party Diagnostic Consultation from The Red Flag Group®

Now that the Third Party Risk Management and Oversight Summit is over, what are you doing with what you learned?  Are you going to update your policies? Conduct a risk assessment?  Change your process to make it quicker and more comprehensive?

The Red Flag Group® is pleased to offer Summit attendees an exclusive, complimentary one-hour diagnostic consultation to review one of the following:

Third Party Onboarding Process

We will examine your code by putting it through a propriety scoring rubric and will share highlights as well as areas of improvement. Our Code of Conduct expert, Christopher Sindik, has read and reviewed over 10,000 codes. He can provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the code and share what other top companies are doing with their code. The process is simple. Share with us a copy of your code, then we review it and speak with you about the findings. 

Third Party Code of Conduct

Or, if you want us to examine your third party onboarding process, we will have a one-hour call with you to go over your processes, where the bottlenecks are, taking a risk-based approach and creating buy-in for the program. We’ve helped hundreds of companies create or improve their third party onboarding process and have expertise in dozens of industries.

Take advantage of this exclusive, limited offer and sign up today!

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