We will manage your entire Third Party Programme Administration - end to end.

Our Solution:

With extensive experience of building and developing third party processes for multinational organisations, coupled with our anti-corruption technology platform (ComplianceDesktop®), we can assist in running key aspects of your third party process on your behalf.  We support clients by:

  • Identifying third parties requiring screening
  • Managing third party data
  • Assigning and reviewing due diligence questionnaires
  • Communicating with third parties when further data is needed
  • Tracking third parties through the process
  •  Ordering and analyzing due diligence reports
  •  Issuing and logging risk mitigation tasks
  •  Managing renewals

Delegate these tasks to us and enjoy the following benefits

  • More time to focus on high value strategic work
  • A stronger third party process that gets more third parties through
  • On-going identification and alerts of red flags
  • Less time needed for you to learn or master compliance technology
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