Our Pay-As-You-Go research products are ready made scopes and are fixed priced

Standard scoped reports are available for purchase on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.


Gold Medal.jpg
  • Gold level is ideal for standard partners and suppliers
  • It includes detailed analysis of the company and its principals

  • We focus on the integrity of the company or individual but also look at the corporate profile, integrity profile, and financial profile

  • Typically these reports take around 7-10 business days to complete and are available in all countries.  These reports are often able to be done faster for an additional fee. Would like a sample?. 

Platinum Medal.jpg
  • Our Platinum level builds upon a Gold level with the significant inclusion of reputational intelligence and site visits where applicable

  • Adding the reputation profile into the report seeks to uncover the opinions of peers and government departments, as well as uncover potential integrity risks through interviews with people in the industry that are familiar with the company or individual

  • These reports typically take a little longer around 10-14 business days. Curious? Get your sample here.

Diamond Medal.jpg
  • Our Diamond level is one of our largest standard scope reports and adds a few extra layers of reviews on the company and the people.

  • In addition to what has been included in the Platinum report it adds interviews in person or over the phone with the company and a review of their compliance infrastructure

  • This report is often done in 15-18 business days. Request a sample today.