Why do business with The Red Flag Group?

The Red Flag Group is a global integrity and compliance risk firm. We apply our unique set of advice, technology and business-intelligence applications to manage the integrity and compliance risks of our customers.

We focus on managing integrity and compliance risks in four major risk areas: customers, sales, suppliers and human capital.


Why partner with The Red Flag Group?

The Red Flag Group offers our partners a unique combination of innovative products and services together with extensive global experience. We provide flexible business models to work together with our clients and partners to ensure that all sides benefit from the relationship.

With The Red Flag Group you can:

  • make your offerings to your clients the best in their class
  • offer high-quality and respected industry-leading solutions
  • leverage dedicated sales and marketing teams
  • gain a competitive edge
  • strengthen your client loyalty by offering complete solutions
  • offer new revenue opportunities by expanding services and overall business
  • gain channel commitment.

The Red Flag Group offers three levels of involvement


solutions partner 

Partner refers clients to us. Registers the interest in Salesforce partner portal. Must be accepted by us. We pay ten percent commission on all revenue in the first two years after acceptance of account and opportunity. Obviously, one that we are not already engaged. Referral agreement and account opportunity registration is mandatory. The Red Flag Group will then sell and close the deal on Red Flag Group paper.


We have a reseller who resells our solutions (primarily IntegraWatch®, IntegraCheck® and ComplianceDesktop®. We sell to the reseller; they mark up and sell on. We sell at 30 percent off list price; they sell at whatever they want in the market. Red Flag Group–branded due diligence. Rebates for meeting targets.



Same as above, except we white label for the partner. Larger requirements for volume and revenue. Fifty percent off list price.

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