The Red Flag Group offers our partners a unique combination of innovative products and services together with extensive global experience.

We provide flexible business models to work together with our clients and partners to ensure that all sides benefit from the relationship.

With The Red Flag Group you can:

  • make your offerings to your clients the best in their class
  • offer high-quality and respected industry-leading solutions
  • leverage dedicated sales and marketing teams
  • gain a competitive edge
  • strengthen your client loyalty by offering complete solutions
  • offer new revenue opportunities by expanding services and overall business
  • gain channel commitment.

do business with The Red Flag Group

In order to supplement some of our offerings we work alongside other companies and we have built a strong partner base across a large spectrum of business.

For example, if we are working on a large project to manage supply chain risks with key suppliers, we are likely to work alongside a law firm, safety and environmental firms, and government relations counsel to truly manage integrity and compliance risks across a supplier.

Safety experts - Investigations - Government Relations - Legal And Accounting  Environmental Experts - Crisis Management

The Red Flag Group offers three levels of involvement


solutions partner 

Partners refer clients to us. You can register your interest in the Salesforce partner portal which must be accepted by us. The account cannot not already be engaged with The Red Flag Group.

We pay ten percent commission on all revenue in the first two years after acceptance of the account and opportunity. Referral agreement and account opportunity registration is mandatory. The Red Flag Group will then sell and close the deal on The Red Flag Group paper.

Referral Partner level is our entry-level status, offering partners access to online sales, marketing, training and education tools so that they can develop their Red Flag Group knowledge and business. Referral Partners are transnational partners (i.e. partner status with no further product knowledge required). Referral Partners have access to immediate discounts and benefits, including:

  • promotions and incentives
  • sales tools and collateral
  • competitive information
  • webcasts (sales and technical)
  • web-based training.

Referral Partner requirements

  • Introduction to The Red Flag Group’s products and services
  • Annual sales targets
  • Validate target client is not registered


We have a reseller who resells our solutions (primarily IntegraWatch®, IntegraCheck® and ComplianceDesktop®. We sell to the reseller; they mark up and sell on. We sell at 30 percent off list price; they sell at whatever they want in the market. Red Flag Group–branded due diligence. Rebates for meeting targets.

The Red Flag Group Reseller Partner Programme is aimed at partners who recommend and offer solutions to their clients. The Red Flag Group Reseller Partners are prepared to make a significant commitment to developing their  knowledge and skillset of The Red Flag Group. Reseller Partners receive a higher level of compensation.

Reseller Partner benefits

  • Promotions and incentives
  • New business referral compensation
  • Sales tools and collateral
  • Competitive information
  • Web-based training
  • Webcasts (sales and technical)
  • Not-for-resale ComplianceDesktop® | Anti-Corruption Compliance Platform website
  • Partner Portal access, including Partner Forums
  • Customer references and case studies
  • Listing as a Partner on The Red Flag Group’s website



Same as above, except we white label for the partner. Larger requirements for volume and revenue. Fifty percent off list price.

Integrate The Red Flag Group’s acclaimed technology and intelligence into your service solution platforms to improve your existing offerings. The Red Flag Group’s technology can help your organisation build a competitive edge to support your overall strategy.

Whether to reach out to new markets or segments, improve client satisfaction in your existing client base, or set your solutions apart from your competitors, The Red Flag Group can support your efforts to:

  • expand your current portfolio
  • develop new offerings
  • improve products or services.