The Red Flag Group® is The Compliance Firm®


We are the place that Compliance Officers turn when they need help on building and maintaining compliance programmes.

Our over 200+ compliance experts, lawyers, accountants, researchers and subject matter experts across 20+ countries and 45+ languages help clients on a range of compliance programmes.

Examples of our work can be found in the Case Studies section of this website, however, some projects have been identified below:


Building Compliance Systems

  • We provide consulting on the initial build and launch of compliance departments. Focus, structure, resources, risk areas, systems, tools and technologies. We help companies start out in compliance and make that transition from legally driven programs to compliance driven ones.
  • We have helped companies with hiring their initial compliance officers around the World. We have helped map out the resources needed and even provided help in sourcing and interviewing candidates.

Codes of Conduct, Policies and Procedures

  • We have drafted hundreds of codes of conducts, policies and procedures across a range of risk areas. These have sometimes been projects to modernise existing material and others to develop new programs from scratch. Our focus is always to keep things short, focused and written in plain language.
  • Our teams have been involved in training on codes, policies and procedures in many parts of the World and in many different formats. We have lead training initiatives and developed workshops for clients to implement new policies and procedures.

Awareness, Communications and Training

  • We have worked on hundreds of projects around Awareness, Communications and Training (ACT). The projects have involved both the creation of new content, the refreshing of existing content and the use of existing client content.
  • We have expert facilitators across a range of content areas that can support a client in delivering ACT initiatives.
  • We have lead projects to develop a comprehensive communications strategy for the compliance function. We have included these initiatives and set up systems for compliance officers to keep track of their requirements and to report on completions.