We can manage the entire supplier integrity and compliance programme


Outsource administration and management of your entire supplier on-boarding and monitoring programme.

Everyday, procurement and sourcing professionals struggle to manage the increased number of requirements from the business around adding suppliers. 

Examples of these include:

  • Requirements from the trade compliance people around export rights and sanctions

  • Requirements from the legal and compliance people to check the supplier for corrupt activity

  • Requirements from the CSR people about human trafficking and labor relations

  • Requirements from the CIO and privacy folks about handling private information.

Tens of thousands of suppliers may need management and monitoring according to new laws and requirements.

This is what we call the Compliance Burden of managing a supply chain.  We are experts on these requirements, experts in identifying risks in suppliers and experts at putting in pace systems to detect and manage potential risks.

Our Managed Services offerings, allow you to

  • Spend more time on strategic priorities rather than tasks associated with legal and compliance issues

  • Allocate your own existing resources more efficiently and focus on the important things around procurement, pricing, delivery and supply

  • Experience smoother compliance processes and get results more quickly with an outsourced option from people that know their stuff.