Supplier training should be a part of every supplier onboarding

Reduce the complexity of global compliance training programmes through an effective adaptive training system that delivers specific and engaging content to each supplier.  


Traditional compliance training programmes are:


Complex. Requires accurate management of dozens of courses assigned to thousands of suppliers.


Ineffective. Suppliers are unengaged with content that does not apply to them or is written in legalese.


Expensive. Hidden costs when purchasing additional content.

Introducing Compliance Interactive®      

Developed by compliance experts, Compliance Interactive® solution takes a new approach. Compliance Interactive® is an advanced adaptive compliance training platform that provides highly engaging content to each supplier based on 

By delivering an individualised and targeted curriculum to each learner that focuses only on what each supplier needs to know, your organisation will benefit from reduced annual training time, as well as a simplified programme to administer.

Customised compliance eLearning courses that deliver relevant and engaging compliance content that results in a change in ethical behavior

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Customers often have a very specific message they want to deliver to their employees regarding anti-bribery, data security, confidential information, conflicts of interest or another compliance topic. However, due to the widely-held perception that compliance is ‘boring’, audiences are often unengaged.

To ensure the various complex compliance issues are effectively delivered to the audience, your elearning platform should enable you to quickly develop more relevant, engaging and concise courses.