We are experts and knowing suppliers and identifying supplier risks.

We conduct risk assessments of supply chains to work out how you can grow your business by taking more risk.  We know how to identify our 23 different risk types across thousands of supplier types.

It can be very difficult to know all the risks you face in your suppliers in each of your local markets.

We have conducted Risk Assessment projects in over 20 countries, including traditionally high-risk markets like China, Russia, Brazil, and Iran. We know how to identify risks and how to take steps to start managing those risks.

Risk Assessments are all about how you can take on more risk.  We are pro-business and believe that understanding risk is the key to taking more risk to drive more value. 

Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Expertise. We are experts at identifying potential supplier risks in your business.  We know business, we are practical and we know how to engage with the business to find the risks.
  • Practical.  We have the business and compliance knowledge and expertise across 194 countries and speak 45 languages in-house. This means that if you engage us to help manage your risk assessment, we are able to understand your business and help you identify key risk areas and plans on how to bridge the gap to manage them effectively.
  • Content. If you are focused on supplier integrity & compliance risks,  then it would make sense to engage The Compliance Firm.  Compliance is our business.  We just don't focus on anti-corruption or export controls, we focus on over 23 key risks areas that are relevant to your business.
  • Substance. We focus on Substance over Form.  We are not interested in running a bunch of checklists and forms for business managers to fill out to identify risk.  While collecting the information from the business is important, we think that there are better ways of collecting that information that sending our surveys.

What can we help you with?

We can help you with a supplier risk assessment. We can focus on certain known areas, like anti-corruption or our 23 broader compliance risks. Our focus is to identify those areas where you might not be covered with your existing program and to take a different approach to finding risk areas.

Why use an external provider for your risk assessment?

  • We have the scale to be onsite and to support you in challenging locations and in a large number of languages
  • We focus on business risks and compliance risks. We are not only looking at accounting or financial risks - but risks that can affect the operation of your business and cause you actual business loss and reputational damage
  • We challenge assumptions, challenge norms and ask tough questions 
  • Gain insight into best practices in addressing risks
  • Detailed direction and guidance is given on how to manage these risks

Some common risk areas in suppliers include:

  • Bribery and anti-corruption in suppliers deals with government or semi-governmental agencies
  • Supply of counterfeit, grey market or illegal or restricted products
  • Licence management abuse
  • Suppliers engaged in human trafficking, or other human rights issues
  • Collusion across suppliers in the same industry
  • Supplier invoice fraud
  • Returned goods and faulty product records
  • Sanctions and illegal sales to sanctioned customers
  • Kickbacks to your team
  • Appointing unnecessary sub-contractors and installers