We have the experience in selecting Suppliers and the platform to manage it.

We help ensure that you understand the risks that suppliers bring to your business and that you manage them proactively to accelerate growth

Our philosophy is to ensure all your suppliers contribute to your business through being great suppliers and that they contribute positively to your corporate reputation.

With our SaaS software implemented into your procurement and supplier portal we review all your suppliers against 23 key risk areas from whether they are unlikely to survive as a business financially to whether they have privacy or information security risks.

Collecting, validating, monitoring and managing the information of thousands of suppliers can be extremely complex. With multiple functional groups, such as procurement, CSR, product development and marketing independently interacting with each supplier, companies may find it an increasing challenge to maintain transparency in their supply chain.



Supplier integrity

Supplier Integrity® centralizes supplier data by connecting with your company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial systems. This allows business managers to see a consolidated view at any time, allowing  decisions while also minimising risk.

Unlike other supplier management software solutions that often only assign tasks, Supplier Integrity® analyses any potential risks at every step of the process – from supplier onboarding, to ongoing monitoring, to supplier renewal or end of life. The Red Flag Group’s risk rating algorithm that rates each supplier across a matrix of risk areas, alerting users to real-time risks rather than a one-time reporting of any perceived risks in any sector or jurisdiction.


Risk analyser  

Enables you to know where to invest your time and budget to gain the most ROI

The Red Flag Group’s risk rating methodology assesses 23 risk areas. This unique algorithm rates each supplier across a matrix of risk areas, alerting users to real-time risks rather than a one-time reporting of any perceived risks in any sector or jurisdiction.

Compliance screening

Helping users to make faster decisions and minimise risk

Supplier Integrity®continually monitors and assesses 23 risk areas throughout the supplier lifecycle. All supplier profiles are fully integrated with The Red Flag Group’s IntegraWatch® I Compliance Screening solution. The IntegraWatch® database, which is updated daily, includes more than 3.65 million people and organisations that could present integrity and compliance risks.


Allowing compliance officers, CSR professionals and procurement leaders to focus on the day job

Supplier Integrity® is a ready-made SaaS single risk management solution that has a comprehensive end-to-end inbuilt workflow engine to manage the integrity of suppliers throughout the lifecycle of the relationship. It acts as a hub for your audit trail, and is easy to navigate with minimal training required.


Expediting the search for an appropriate resolution

Instead of simply helping to identify integrity risks in the supply chain, Supplier Integrity®is a proactive solution that also advises on how to remedy those risks. For example, the risk analyser, which is based on suppliers’ country and spend category, is coupled to the workflow engine so that the appropriate remediation activities are automatically added to the workflow.

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