We conduct audits on potential suppliers to validate compliance

Our Audits are scalable, repeatable audits of your suppliers.

We have pre-built packages of audits ready to commence in any part of the world and across any risk area.

We have combined its in-house compliance, forensic accounting and IT, and local-language capabilities with its unparalleled compliance business intelligence databank to provide clients with a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to the old-fashioned, less nimble approach delivered by the traditional accounting firms.

Whether your company requires an in-country export compliance audit in Abu Dhabi, or an exploratory anti-corruption compliance audit focused on the petty cash transactions recorded by important reseller in China and Latin America or preparing for ISO certification, we have the know-how and on-ground resources required to deliver quick, effective audit results.



IntegraSure® | Compliance and Integrity Audits.

Who needs this solution

  • Companies that want to conduct an audit of a reseller or distributor against their contract and compliance best practices
  • Companies who have had compliance related issues in the channel and are looking for a program to review key partners to improve their compliance

Typical deliverables

  • Audit scope and project-planning documentation
  • Pre-certification assessment
  • Identification of red-flag transactions on review of records
  • Reasonableness tests conducted on financial statements
  • Data scanning and review:
    • locating, extracting and analysing data using digital forensic procedures and making that available for review
    • after the data is accessed, it is structured and made available in a viewable and easily-accessible format
  • Executive interview outlines
  • On-site collection, inspection, and analysis of data in local language
  • Executive interviewing services in local language
  • A Written report of findings, including:
    • executive summary
    • audit methodology explanation
    • summary of in-scope policies, processes, systems and controls
    • summary of data retrieval and review (including sample transactional data)
    • analysis and findings
    • if several countries or entity audits are conducted, a comparative, integrated approach to analysis of the findings to identify potential institutional or systemic gaps
    • if requested, remediation recommendations.
    • areas of remediation required to meet ISO 37001 certification.