Subscribe to a database of over 5M companies and people involved in business and compliance issues across 194 countries

Always check current and proposed channel partners against a database of companies and people that have been involved in negative compliance issues across 23 different risk areas.


This quick and easy solution gives you comfort that no major issues have been identified before they are engaged.

It is good practice to screen your channel partners both at the onboarding stage and also monitor them going forward. Check your partners automatically each day using a good database and platform and then receive an alert if there is any change.

Access this service as a per user web service an API and embedded into our onboarding platform. If the screening piece becomes too hard for you, our managed services team can run the entire process for you. Need help? Contact us now.

Why The Red Flag Group?


Expertise. Get deep understanding how channels are designed and the objectives of channel programmes. Use our expertise around selecting the best channels and making sure that they represent you in the market correctly.


Content Knowledge. Access our knowledge on channel risks. From potential bid rigging through to forward sales and channel stuffing. We know what to look for in building the channels across a company and across the world.


Not just due diligence. Our focus is beyond doing screening and helping you select the right channel partner.  We help you monitor them, support them with compliance knowledge and assist you with offboarding.

Featured product

The IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database allows you to check names of people and companies against a purpose built database. It is updated daily and includes over 5M records spread across all industries and over 194 countries.

The IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database contains information that supports the checking of Channel Partners to see if:

  • The organisation appears on a government sanctions or watch lists or a list issued by the Government and identified as a person of concern

  • The person is a Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and linked to a political party which may increase the possibility of corruption or undue influence

  • The organisation is a State Owned Entities (SOEs) which may give rise to corruption risks, or change the way you engage with them around pricing or contracts

  • The organisation or person has been identified by a reputable media source or from litigation records as having been involved in a compliance issue presenting a risk as defined by The Red Flag Group's 23 risk areas. This might include a company that has been involved in corrupt practices, money laundering, export violations, privacy violations or very poor environmental or safety violations.

The IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening data is accessible through various platforms:  

  • Online from a per user subscription, at www.integrawatch.com

  • As an API which you can integrate into your own systems

  • Integrated into other software including the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform and our Supplier based solution Supplier Integrity®.


Access information on our onboarding platform with embedded database. Learn more on the scope, coverage and technology at www.integrawatch.com.