Solutions for SMEs

Integrity and Compliance is not just for big companies.

There are solutions for SME (Small-Medium sized companies) across our spectrum of products and services.  These tend to support SME companies less than 50M USD in revenue.

Why do you need to care about integrity & compliance as an SME?

  • Companies with great integrity & compliance programs tend to be able to create more value when they are looking to be sold to a large multi-national.
  • When multi-national companies are looking for partners, they always conduct background checks on the integrity of any proposed partner.  Take advantage of the opportunity to  showcase your value through producing great results.
  • SMEs also need to follow local laws and ensure that they do not fall foul of any regulations that would prohibit certain activity.  protect your business by building programs to understand and         comply with these rules and regulations.  Save money by avoiding investigations and fines.
  • Companies that have strong ethics, integrity & compliance tend to attract better staff and retain those staff for longer periods.
  • You will attract more customers and vendors because you will be seen as a 'Safe option', the company that is not going to cause headaches and that they can rely on to 'do the right thing'.

Our SMEs solutions are simple, off the shelf and ready for you to implement.

Key value of our SME solutions:

  1. Built by integrity and compliance experts
  2. Affordable and ready for immediate purchase
  3. Defensible to your vendors and partners as high quality and from a respected source
  4. Follow-up support is available through our professional services teams
  5. most are available online using secure credit card purchasing without any ongoing commitment
  6. All our packages are scaleable which allows you to invest more in compliance over time as your company grows

Some of our solutions designed for SME 's are shown here with the next few pages focusing in more detail on what you need to build a great Integrity & Compliance Program that suits your business, isn't too expensive and isn't over the top.

Get a simple subscription to our database  that will allow you to do simple checks and batch checking of your new customers as part of your KYC initiatives and obligations under your contracts with your vendor/customers IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening.  

This is the most basic subscription that you need to start your compliance program and will comply with obligations under your contracts to do denied/restricted parties screening and also to check sub-resellers/dealers.


We have built some ready made compliance programs for you to buy and download in our product known as Compliance Mentor®.  Here you can access the most basic and read-made out of the box solutions with instruction on how to implement each program.  Our professional services team is always here to help if you need more than what is available for purchase.