We believe that Channel Partners should have their own reporting system separate and distinct from your own corporate system and that by doing so you are more likely to gain buy-in and usage by the channel to report issues.

IntegraCall® is a simple, affordable and intelligent hotline platform that enables a channel partner to raise an issue in multiple languages and in multiple ways. 

Our AI based, APP first system is innovative and simple to implement.


An effective hotline reporting platform for channel partners should be:

  • Simple and affordable to implement and maintain
  • Easy to access from anywhere, anytime
  • Promptly responsive and connected
  • Communicated in local languages
  • Configurable to company needs and policies
  • Compliant to local jurisdictions’ regulations
  • Integrated with a case management system
  • Need not be the same system that you operate internally

How IntegraCall® resolves obstacles and secures the effectiveness of your hotline system?