Outsource assessments, reviews, onboarding, and monitoring programme of third parties

Managing counterparties can be hard, we will manage it for you! Contact us and let us know where you need help.


Subject to a strict SLA and a costs model.

Our managed services offerings, allow you to:

  • Spend more time on strategic priorities rather than admin tasks associated with onboarding third parties

  • Allocate your own existing resources more efficiently and focus on the important things around risk avoidance and minimization

  • Experience smoother counterparty onboarding processes and get results more quickly with an outsourced option


Why The Red Flag Group?

  • People.  Over 200 trained professionals on our team spread around the world. We build teams quickly to address your demands.

  • Process. Use your or our systems. Depending on the services you need, we can follow an existing process or suggest new process. 

  • Content. With content expertise in corruption programmes, AML, supplier management, privacy and other key areas, you will get the support needed.

  • Technology. Access our portfolio of technology to be able host your applications on our servers, to connect into your servers securely or to operate your technology as part of the services.

  • Fixed Price. Get quote fixed price contracts, you can know exactly what it is going to cost you when you enter into the contract. Contact us to get to know our pricing.