Risk tolerance roundtable

A Risk Roundtable is a facilitated risk assessment and risk analysis session and is an ideal way for your business to identify and understand risk profile.

It can be very difficult to know all the risks you face in each of your local markets. We have conducted our highly successful Risk Roundtables for over 20 countries, including traditionally high-risk markets like China, Russia, Brazil, and Iran. Each Risk Roundtables examines the 23 risk areas and is not limited to only corruption and bribery risks.

Why we can help

We are experts at identifying potential risks in supplier on-boarding, sales channel operations and customer and vendor engagement.

We have knowledge and expertise across 194 countries and speak 45 languages in house. This means that if you engage us to help manage and conduct due diligence on your third parties, it is our own people and team who can assist in dealing with your business partners.

What we can help you with

Over two days we facilitate a discussion with your local senior executives and compliance team to elicit potential areas of compliance and integrity risk. In some cases, the sales process varies across regions and countries, and as such, we look at each of these individually for each local market or sales vertical.

We can also calibrate your risk profile and help you understand your tolerance for risk.

Why use an independent facilitator with your business?

  • Obtain insider benchmarked knowledge from us: we help you measure your company against your industry peers to assess what you want, what you need and what you can afford
  • Save the tough questions for us: we ask your Board and Executive Leadership teams the hard questions about their tolerance to risk
  • Save yourself from being in the firing line by using our experience to facilitate discussions
  • Gain insight into best practices in addressing integrity risks

How it works

  1. We work with you to identify which countries, regions or vertical markets would benefit the most from a Risk Roundtable
  2. We help you host one or more Risk Roundtables depending on the number of jurisdictions you need to assess
  3. Our team are compliance experts and skilled interviewers. We know what questions to ask to illicit the information you need to identify and determine any potential risk
  4. The findings are documented and a risk assessment for each locations and vertical market is conducted
  5. We then analyse the risks and tell you where you should be focused
  6. You can extend your Risk Roundtable by conducting a cultural assessment or a learning program effectiveness assessment.

Using a Risk Roundtable to Identify SALES CHANNEL COMPLIANCE RISKS

Some common risk areas in the sales process include:

  • bribery and anti-corruption in sales deals with government or semi-governmental agencies
  • export control and illegal sales of restricted products
  • channel stuffing and revenue recognition issues
  • licence management abuse
  • poor discounting and control abuses around discount levels and justification
  • end-user/customer fraud
  • returned goods and faulty service records
  • poor controls over channel partner selection and management
  • sanctions and illegal sales to sanctioned customers
  • collusion and bid rigging with customers or channel partners
  • kickbacks to your sales people or customers
  • appointing unnecessary sub-contractors and installers
  • grey-market and second-hand trading in used products.

Build a robust and fit-for-purpose integrity risk programme.

After conducting a Risk Roundtable we can help you focus on building your integrity risk programme.

Your risk tolerance and budget will determine the priorities and size of your integrity risk programme.

We have built over 600 tailored risk programmes.

We have the boots on the ground experience to create robust risk identification framework, strategy or programmes for each of your regions and markets.