RFG-X are the extremely high standards we set for everything that we do.


Our RFG-X promise is that we set very high eXpectations  ourselves and  how we deliver our products and solutions to clients. It is what sets us apart from every one of our competitors. No one has the focus that we do on creating the RFG-X experience, and no one will be as upfront as we are about how we achieve that.


Our RFG-X Standards

Our products and services mix

  • We commit to a product and services mix that is cutting edge and always expertly crafted to add value to your business
  • We will always make sure that we have the business at heart and suggest things that add value to your business, contribute to your value as a business leader, and exceed your expectations with everything we deliver

Expertise and knowledge

  • We make sure that every single person in our teams are experts in integrity and compliance
  • We will have subject-matter experts available that know how to identify problems and offer solutions
  • Our support teams will provide advice to you about your integrity and compliance programmes based on industry, country and technology expertise 
  • We ensure that our sales teams are fully trained in our products and services and can explain how they can add value to your business
  • Our sales teams are assessed annually for their knowledge and skillset

Ownership and accountability

  • We take ownership of our client delivery and make sure that every project has an assigned project manager and that this person is responsible for the project
  • We will always be accountable for our decisions and we stand by them
  • We will take personal responsibility for the solutions you bought from us
  • We empower our employees to make decisions and take actions on your behalf
  • A live escalation contact will be readily available to you at all times
  • We will follow through on our commitments to you 

Service excellence

  • Our services teams are excellent communicators and we monitor and measure their success
  • We strive to be 100 percent accurate in every client communication
  • We never misrepresent and will accept responsibility when things don't meet your expectations
  • We will always be responsive to your needs, always keep you up to date, and always communicate


  • Service is provided by a support team that is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
  • We will be accessible to you by phone or ticket at all times 
  • We will take special care to assist with your urgent requests


  • We actively listen and provide you with direct and individualised communications
  • Our communications and conversations are not scripted, but are personal responses addressing your specific needs
  • Our answers to your questions will be straightforward and honest and we will not avoid tough questions 

Executive communications

  • Our leadership team meets with every client quarterly to seek feedback and act on that feedback
  • We take notes, make recordings and action items in a timely manner


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