RFG-X are the HIGH Standards we set for ourselves.


Our clients need partners of their calibre. Partners who can bring something to the table. Someone who rises to the challenge in the same way they do.

We have created our RFG-X standards and built them into every aspect of the Firm from client delivery to IT operations to finance. Each area of the business has measurable RFG-X targets which are monitored and proactively improved upon.

We are committed and have invested in improving our product and client service delivery. This will take us closer to our vision of being The Compliance Firm®. We know we can only achieve this if our people, processes and products are of the highest-quality and support our clients in the management of innovative and effective compliance programmes.


We commit to these RFG-X standards.

Adding value

  • Our product and services mix is cutting edge and always expertly crafted to add value to your role and your business


  • Every person in our professional services team is an integrity and compliance expert

  • Each of our compliance experts has country and industry specialisms allowing them to share with you tailored advice

Taking ownership

  • We are diligent. We work hard in pursuit of the best possible outcome for our clients

  • We empower our employees to make decisions          

  • We will follow through on the commitments we make to you

  • We will accept responsibility when we don't meet your expectations

Service excellence

  • We are perceptive. We look ahead to see issues before they arise and anticipate our clients’ needs

  • We are excellent communicators and problem solvers

  • We strive to be 100 percent accurate in every client communication

  • An incident escalation contact is available to you 24/7/365 and we will take special care to assist you with your urgent requests

  • We will be responsive to your needs, keep you up to date, and communicate


  • We will not avoid your tough questions. Our answers are straightforward and honest

  • Our communications are not scripted but are personal responses to address your specific needs

Your feedback

  • We proactively seek feedback from every client and actively listen

  • We promise to act on your feedback