We ensure every engagement meets our RFG-X Standards.


RFG-X Standards are the extremely high standards we set for everything that we do. Our RFG-X promise is that we set very high eXpectations for ourselves and for how we deliver our products and solutions to clients.

We implemented a set of standards that every piece of the company could use as a guide for dealing with clients. Every aspect of the company, from IT Operations to Finance to Client Delivery, has the RFG-X Standards to build into their part of the business. Each part of the business has to report to the management team about which metrics they have developed based on the RFG-X Standards and how they are managing against those metrics. The aim is to improve the overall delivery mechanism of the firm, ensure that everything that we do is tasked with the highest quality, and continually drive the business forward with a focus on delivering eXtreme support.

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