Suppliers should have their own whistleblower service that is independent

Companies should provide their suppliers with a hotline and whistleblower service that allows them to raise issues in an independent way and not combined with internal company matters.


Setting up a whistleblower service for suppliers is best practice to allow suppliers a voice to raise issues to the company about compliance or integrity related issues. This system can be separate to the company and managed by compliance.

Global hotline telephony services are traditionally expensive and take time to roll out. response times can be slow for reports made in less-common languages because of the lack of availability of interpreters.

As a result, companies struggle with:


A massive spend on system maintenance: Up to millions of dollars are spent to maintain the system – a cost which continuously increases without adding value.


Constant risk of delayed follow-up. The delay in actions taken when a case comes from overseas means more exposure to risk.


A broken internal control system. Employees are not encouraged to instantly report misconduct.

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