Integrity & Compliance Risk Workshops

Integrity & Compliance Risk EMEA Workshops will feature a real life case study focusing on the potential risks facing companies when entering or re-entering new and challenging markets. These include corruption risk, trade and financial restrictions, grey market issues and information on how to adapt your compliance programme in accordance with legal requirements and best practice. As part of a select group of invitees, you will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and brainstorm the case study with peers from some of the most respected companies in the world.

Participants will walk away from these sessions knowing:

  •  What went wrong in each situation and how it should have been identified earlier
  • What business leaders and compliance professionals should do to protect themselves and their company against such risk
  • The standards expected of global companies doing business overseas
  • How to conduct effective due diligence and know your business partners

How are the workshops conducted?

  •  Small groups are created at the start of the session to mimic the real workings of a compliance team
  • Presenters lead discussions and exercises using case studies to give practical applications of best practices
  • Workshops provide a safe environment to engage in frank discussion on compliance programmes, challenges and successes

Who should attend?

  • Both experienced and new compliance professionals can benefit from the session
  • The content is geared towards those in the legal, procurement, compliance, ethics and audit fields
  • Anyone interested in mitigating risks in emerging markets, corruption, bribery, supplier misconduct, data privacy, M&A due diligence, investigations and anti-trust


  • 8:30 am – 9:30 am     Networking Breakfast & Registration
  • 9:30 am– 12:30 pm   Workshop
  • 12:30 pm                          Lunch

Please note: Seats at the workshops are reserved for in-house lawyers, general counsel, procurement, compliance, ethics and audit professionals. If you are registering from a law firm or consultancy your registration may not be accepted.

The next series of roundtables will take place in Spring 2017.

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