We will manage all or part of your Compliance Office. Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

Our Solution:

Legal and compliance projects, from due diligence assignments to investigations, require a lot of time, attention to detail, and have several moving parts. Multiple projects can easily derail you from focusing your attention on your strategic goals, and time and resources can easily become an issue.

Our teams, guided by our seasoned attorneys, can easily manage and complete these projects for you. Such projects include:

  • Discreet due diligence projects (for quarter-end/year-end or during acquisition integration)
  • Investigations Support
  • Document review
  • Contract management
  • Processing of applications, questionnaires or other documentation
  • Data management and clean-up
  • Review of company registry records or financials
  • Acquiring and managing Code of Conduct/Policy certifications
  • Conflict Minerals declarations review
  • And much more

Using our powerful suite of technology solutions our team, guided by our seasoned attorneys, has experience in over 194 countries and speak over 50 languages firm-wide.

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