Procurement and Sourcing Professionals

Get expertise and assistance in selecting the right supplier that is not going to cause you legal, regulatory or reputational crisis.


Using our solutions, you can make sure the proposed supplier has financial strength, delivery expertise, and an integrity profile that can be tolerated by your business.

Selecting the right suppliers is a growing field with a raft of new legislation and expectations being placed on procurement and vendor management teams. Those expectations are complex because they involve several different stakeholders in the company that represent the various functional groups that are now wanting to be involved in supplier compliance.

In the procurement of a new supplier, it is common to see the following people involved:

  • Legal to oversee contracts and legal risk, confidentiality, privacy, intellectual property

  • Compliance to consider FCPA and bribery risks (as required by law and policies)

  • Export control and trade compliance about in-bound licenses and approvals

  • Product teams for embedded licences, encryption and product quality

  • CSR teams for human rights, trafficking and supplier conformity with standards around environmental and sustainability

  • Finance for review of financials and business status

  • Product stewardship for use of conflict minerals

  • Privacy Counsel for review of use of private information and GDPR

  • Information services and IT for access to systems, hosting

  • Safety for review of safety practices

Procurement professional? Contact us now to get help understanding the challenges of managing all these stakeholders and managing the onboarding process. Access our onboarding technology solutions for supplier as well as our data and intelligence P-A-Y-G and subscription products.


Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Knowledge. Having helped companies select and onboard more than 200,000 suppliers and individuals across 194 countries, we know what to look for in spotting and managing potential supplier risks.

  • Depth.  Low level self certifications and is completely not defensible as a supplier compliance programme. Access our technology to analyse risk in a vast array or 23 risk areas. 

  • Country experience. Your suppliers are from all around the world and that is why we are as well. Our experts are spread across five continents and speak 45 languages. With our country experience, we help you  identify and manage your supplier risks.

  • Data. Access a database on companies and people that have been engaged in compliance issues, most of which are suppliers to global companies. If a supplier has been involved in a major compliance violation in any one of our 23 risk areas, it will be stored in our database and embedded into our technology platforms to provide you with the latest information.

  • Content expertise. Being risk experts, we help you spot corruption, what a conflict mineral is, where there are risks in the misuse of private information on individuals, or the intricacies of information security issues. Partner with us to get a broad domain of expertise. Know our team.

  • Technology. We have the platform to make all this possible available as a SaaS offering with excellent implementation and ongoing managed services support.


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