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Select the right supplier that is not going to cause you a reputational crisis. We know how to make sure the proposed supplier has financial strength, delivery expertise and an integrity profile that can be tolerated by your business.

Procurement organisations are faced with potentially damaging impact to the business from supplier activities.  These include suppliers that are potentially fraudulent, linked to fraud or non-compliant activity or simply suppliers that have a suspect reputation.

Supplier Compliance is a growing field with a raft of new legislation and expectations being placed on the procurement and vendor management teams. Those expectations are complex because they involve several different stakeholders in the company that represent the various functional groups that are now wanting to be involved in supplier compliance.

We understand the challenges of operating in this environment and help procurement and vendor management teams find new suppliers, understand the risks that they propose and onboard them into the company with a simple and effective process.  Our solutions in this areas are both consulting as well as technology solutions.

Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Knowledge. We have helped companies select and onboard more than 200,000 companies and individuals across 194 countries.  We know what to look for in spotting risk in those Suppliers and we know how to manage those risks.  
  • Depth. Asking Suppliers to fill out a bunch of questions and somehow self certify their compliance record is not what we do.  We think low level self certifications and is completely not defensible as a Supplier Compliance programme nor in any way effective. We have the team and the technology to analyse risk in a vast array or risk areas (23 in fact). This is what is defensible.
  • Country Experience. We get that your Suppliers are from all around the World and that is why we are as well.  Our experts are spread in 5 continents and speak 45 languages. We have the country experience to know how to identify and manage risk.
  • Data. We have a detailed database on companies and people that have been engaged in complaince issues, most of these being Suppliers to companies globally.  If a Supplier has been involved in a major compliance violation in any one of our 23 risk areas, it will be in our database. Embedded in our technology platforms this gives you an instant way of knowing information about your suppliers.
  • Content Expertise. Being experts in risk, we know what to look for in the key 23 risk areas that we cover.  We know how to spot corruption, what a conflict mineral is, where there are risks in the misuse of private information on individuals or the intricacies of information security issues. Our domain expertise is broad.
  • Flowchart Gurus. We are experts in documenting process and helping you address gaps in your onboarding process.  We know how to keep things simple and not overcomplicate like some of our competitors.
  • Technology. We are not just a consulting Firm, we have the Platform to make all this possible available as a SaaS offering with excellent implementation and ongoing managed services support.

Featured solutions


Supply Chain Risk Management Solution

Our SaaS software Platform called Supplier Integrity® helps you and your teams manage your suppliers, from onboarding to continuous monitoring, to understand the potential risks to your business and corporate reputation. Our SaaS Platform plugs into other vendor management platforms to share data and use that data to assess risk and advise on onboarding and ongoing approval steps.


Integrity Due Diligence

IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence is the result of years of experience in giving insight to companies on whether their business partners are at risk of causing them damage. We have a proven, quality-assured methodology we apply to ensure that every engagement with you is perfectly delivered and matches your needs.


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