IntegraHire® | Executive screening helps clients manage human capital integrity risks by providing employment and education background and verification checks. 

Our global team of research specialists investigate and analyse the background of executive hires. Through public record research, online discovery and interviews with past colleagues and associates, our team of experts gather and corroborate information to mitigate any risks candidates may represent to your business. 

Each case is different, so we tailor our interview questions to capture information on the risks you are most concerned about. We understand that ‘getting it wrong’ could result in the significant loss of productivity, revenue or harm the reputation of your company. We provide you with a wide-reaching report containing all that is professionally knowable, as well as relevant personal information, about your candidate. 

Why use IntegraHire® | Executive Screening?

Executive Screening

IntegraHire® | Executive Screening allows you to better understand if your candidate embraces the same values as your company. 

Executive Screening

IntegraHire® | Executive Screening helps to protect your corporate reputation and integrity, and reduces the cost and associated risks of making a bad hire. 

Executive Screening

IntegraHire® | Executive Screening identifies and interviews key individuals who have had firsthand experience working with a candidate to gain informed opinions as to the candidate’s qualifications, experience and demeanor. Ensuring they possess the necessary attributes your business needs for the intended position.

IntegraHire® | Executive screening levels vary from a detailed research through several sources of personal information to a quick integrity check, always including our views and assessment on the risks identified and how they may impact your business.

Our value proposition

  • We have a multilingual and global team of research specialists in worldwide locations to ensure a full understanding of your information landscape, business culture and legal situation. Our in-depth analysis of these factors will uncover potential risks. 

  • Extensive on-the-ground coverage for local and international laws and regulations covering 45 languages.

  • Using proprietary data and information to compile our integrity reports. 

  • Access to thousands of primary data sources in over 194 countries and territories, allowing us to promptly and legally access information.