Data and Intelligence

Access our proprietary research, ratings and intelligence on companies and people across 194 countries.


More than 800 global companies partner with us to select their business partners.

Our teams are located in 15 countries and speak 45 languages. We specialise in conducting research and providing data, intelligence and advice on key attributes on the due diligence process and reports. 

Our teams implement: 

  • Proprietary research techniques to build profiles on companies and individuals. We have access to data sources in country and build on this data with our country and risk insights and create usable intelligence to help you conduct your due diligence obligations.

  • Human research and automated AI driven research to build and keep datasets up to date.

  • Proprietary rating methodologies to risk rate companies and provide them with ratings to easily benchmark an integrity assessment.

Get the information and intelligence needed to make informed decisions when engaging with third parties.


Our Solutions

Pay-As-You-Go research, data and intelligence that allows you to meet your due diligence requirements

Feel confident in the information we provide because we know how to research and how to provide clients with intelligence and advice on who they are doing business with.


Our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) product, known as IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports are more than just a compilation of media articles, watchlist hits, questionnaire or interview responses.  Our team of experts critically review and analyse each article, watchlist hit, questionnaire or interview response and explain what it means to you. 

The Red Flag Group®’s IntegraAlert® | Integrity and Risk Monitoring enables you to manage company risks more effectively and efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on your business goals. Download our brochure to learn more.

The IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports are a PAYG based product. No commitments, no volume requirements, simply Pay-As-You-Go with simple monthly invoicing.  You have no obligations to purchase certain amounts.