Professional Services 

Professional Services team is involved in all solutions.


Gain expert research, risk assessments and insights in the applicable language from anywhere in the world.

The Red Flag Group® compliance experts have been rigorously trained and specialise in particular regions, countries, and industries making them subject-matter experts in their fields.


Integrity Due Diligence 

Global Reach. Powerful Data. Expert Analysis. Unparalleled Advice.


Feel confident in what the data means to your company.

The Red Flag Group IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports are more than a compilation of media articles, watchlist hits, questionnaire or interview responses.

Our team of experts critically analyse each article, watchlist hit, questionnaire or interview response and explain what it means to you. That is what we do without compromise. 

Our team, supervised by trained lawyers, provide expert advice ranging from content with a local perspective to solid recommendations for further remediation and risk mitigation.


Certified for Compliance®

ISO Advisory Services

Security Guard.

We help you ensure your compliance frameworks meet ISO best practice requirements.


Why undertake your ISO review with us?

We are anti-bribery specialists. The Red Flag Group was formed over 11 years ago with a focus on FCPA compliance. Over time, we have expanded our operations to include other related issues such as integrity due diligence investigations, supply chain risk management, compliance audits and anti-bribery training. 

We offer you ISO compliance reviews on 37001 and 19600 standards.


More of our Professional Services capabilities


With our expert capabilities in 23 risk areas involving employees, contractors, suppliers and partners, we partner with companies on their investigations.

Our audits are scalable, repeatable audits across your company, subsidiaries, business units or third parties.

Our team of skilled writers, editors, lawyers, subject-matter experts, researchers, graphic designers and project managers create effective policies and codes of conduct.

A Risk Roundtable is a facilitated risk assessment and risk analysis session. It is an ideal way for your business to identify and understand risk profile.