Integrity due diligence
IntegraCheck - Integrity due diligence

In our integrity due diligence reports, we seek to add value to your business by ensuring that you obtain the maximum business insights from our experts, with their findings and tailored advice helping you improve your integrity profile. 

Clear, concise and actionable

To help you make efficient and effective business decisions we provide an overall risk rating for a target company or individual as identified through our research.

indicates that little or no compliance or legal issues were identified.
indicates that issues have been identified which may negatively affect your integrity profile.
indicates that issues have been identified which require immediate or extra attention as these may have a significant impact on your integrity profile.


Data in compliance


Due diligence insights


Due Diligence Analysis


Due diligence advice

Our team of experts have instant access to multiple paid and open primary data sources, as well as archived proprietary integrity, corporate and personal data from over 500,000 completed reports in 45 languages. With multiple research centres in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, we have access to local knowledge across 194 countries.


With over ten years of experience building our extensive compliance, country, and industry knowledge, we offer invaluable insight tailored to your business needs, giving you a clear picture of how a specific third-party business or individual may affect your business. 


We examine historic and current events in a specific country and take into account the general business environment to evaluate the potential impact of identified risks on your business. We then arm you with the information you need to make informed business decisions. 


We understand where your integrity risks may arise, how they may affect your business and how you can manage them. Our reports are specific to you, telling you exactly what you need to know, and recommend detailed next steps for remediation with respect to that third party in that specific country.

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