IntegraCheck Due diligence

We provide so much more than a simple presentation of potential risks. Our team, supervised by trained lawyers, provide expert advice ranging from content with a local perspective to solid recommendations for further remediation and risk mitigation.

Integrity due diligence

Our approach

IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence provides knowledge, insight and advice, based on your specific risk appetite, helping you make more informed business decisions. Due diligence is nothing new, but with an ever-evolving risk landscape, companies can struggle to constantly keep on top of regulatory changes while managing the shifting risks that may affect their business.

We add value to your business by ensuring that you achieve the maximum business insights from our experts, along with their findings and tailored advice to help you improve your integrity profile.

Trusted advisor 

Our Professional Services teams are trained to classify all reported risks into 23 different risk areas. This level of specificity allows finely-tuned risk reporting based on the tolerance of your company. 

Access to primary and archived proprietary data provides insight into both historic and new information for a more in-depth report.

The Red Flag Group research centers are strategically located in countries around the world including the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa providing a true global capability.

Quality assurance

Quality is the chief consideration for all the services we provide at The Red Flag Group.

All work is reviewed by experienced associates and senior associates based on a rigorous set of review standards applied throughout the QA process.

Our Professional Services teams are subjected to intensive and ongoing training on research methodologies, and just as important, how to recognize risks and what they mean to your specific risk exposure.

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