Coverage in nearly every country for every industry and type of third party

    To date, we have completed more than 500,000 integrity due diligence reports on companies and individuals around the world. We have the in-house experience to manage projects without engaging freelancers or outside providers.

    Our team of research experts is specifically trained to identify risks, and they understand how risks may impact your business based on industry and country.

    Due diligence coverage

    Global reach means more powerful insights

    We have 13 global offices and research centres operating on four continents with access to local knowledge in 194 countries and over 45 languages using in-house resources.

    Access to primary and archived proprietary data provides insight into both historical and new information for a more in-depth report.

    In country insights deliver local context

    The importance of true global coverage cannot be overstated when it comes to due diligence. The nuances of due diligence in local business environments are often lost on non-local analysts who rely solely on outsourced materials.

    Our staff is recruited from the local countries in which they conduct their research – providing an unparalleled capability to present risks in the local context and provide the perspective on what those risks mean to your business.

    Experience across compliance risk areas

    Our Professional Services teams are trained to classify all reported risks into 23 different risk areas. This level of specificity allows finely-tuned risk reporting based on the tolerances of your company.

    In-depth knowledge of each of these risk areas and the impact on various industries are a key focus of our Professional Services teams.