Onboarding technology

Onboard potential recipients and donors, and manage the exchange of benefits with a simple and effective platform.


Our ComplianceDesktop® software platform provides you with various applications to manage donations. Our Third Party Suite is comprised of the Questionnaires, Due Diligence and Third Parties modules, which allow you to:

  • Configure and assign questionnaires to collect information from potential recipients and donors

  • Determine risk based on customisable questionnaire scoring

  • Screen potential recipients and donors using the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening solution for red flags

  • Order and receive Business Intelligence reports

  • Manage key data and knowledge on recipients or donors


Our Gifts, Travel and Entertainment (GTE) module is a declaration and approval system to manage the exchange of benefits. Through the GTE module, you can:

  • Build in your organisation’s rules on declarations, sponsorships and other benefits

  • Declare potential donations or sponsorships against these rules to determine whether they are feasible

  • Manage approvals

  • Maintain records of each donation or sponsorship

Featured Product

Onboard your new donors with a simple and effective platform

Our software platform provides you with a scalable and holistic system to onboard, monitor and offboard donors.