ComplianceDesktop®| Compliance Technology Platform enables you to onboard channel partners through a simple SaaS service

Access a complete platform for the identification and management of risks associated with channel partners available as a simple SaaS service.


The ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform allows you to:

  • Automate onboarding workflows, standardise key onboarding documentation and maintain the right level of auditing and tracking

  • Create a profile for every channel partner and push out questionnaires to partners to complete

  • Risk score questionnaire responses for automated workflow reviews

  • Conduct screening against the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database

  • Request and store IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence within the channel partner profile

  • Integrate with your existing technology, including enterprise resource planning and HR systems, allowing you to automatically synchronise your existing channel information

  • Configure users and workflows based on individual roles within your organisation or easily delegate functions to a specific region for onboarding and managing their own channel.


Highly flexible menu of ComplianceDesktop® modules — only choose the modules you want and only pay for what you need

Various compliance technology modules for managing risk areas that could impact your business are available to meet your needs.


Module: Third party questionnaires and risk scoring

  • Use our template questionnaires and comprehensive risk-scoring methodology to determine the risk level of each of your third parties; these scores are assessed against your risk appetite to help you decide the next step of the onboarding process.

  • Questionnaire functionality is fully flexible, allowing you to build personalised questionnaires in up to 18 languages.

  • Questionnaires can be configured for every business purpose — from cultural and feedback surveys to external questionnaires — all on a single platform.

  • Automated reminders and renewals sent by ComplianceDesktop®| Compliance Technology Platform prompt you and your partners to complete questionnaire-related tasks, allowing you to maintain business continuity.


Module: Gifts, Travel and Entertainment expenses

  • Gain visibility, see patterns, and quickly identify risk areas of concern for your business related to Gifts, Travel and Entertainment expenses.

  • Easily configure financial thresholds and approval workflows that align to your business policies.

  • Take advantage of the powerful ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform search engine to find approved, rejected or revised declarations.


Module: Conflict of interest

  • Manage your business' conflict of interest programme by creating and configuring as many disclosures as you require.

  • Send and collect disclosures in up to 18 languages.

  • Automatically specify if sensitive disclosures only need to be viewed and answered by a particular group of people in your organisation.

  • Automate the disclosure-notification and approval workflows. Easily establish renewal time frames based on issues raised.

  • Easily search your conflict of interest disclosures based on key data or a date range.


Module: Certifications

  • Centrally manage, store and report third party or employee verification requests, including certifications of key business information through ComplianceDesktop®| Compliance Technology Platform.

  • Easily view and know if your third parties or internal employees have regularly met their compliance requirements; ensure you never miss a milestone with your programme.

Module: Case management

  • Our ComplianceDesktop®| Compliance Technology Platform software seamlessly integrates with IntegraCall® | Secure Compliance Hotline, you will immediately get notified when a misconduct report is made. Cases submitted in foreign languages are automatically and instantly translated.

  • Communicate with the whistleblower through their device while maintaining the whistleblower’s anonymity by using the secure private message tool.

  • Conduct triage on the case to determine the possible impacts and risks and take faster escalation steps.

  • Formulate the investigation team with internal or external parties and monitor the progress.

  • Easy-to-navigate overview of all cases, including case statuses, number of open cases, number of closed cases and investigation progress.

  • Restrict access on a ‘need-to-know’ basis at the case-level, so only those who are allowed to see and share the case can gain access to the investigation information and case status ensuring the information stays secure.


Module: Remediation

  • Simplify the recording process for remediatory actions related to other modules within ComplianceDesktop®| Compliance Technology Platform by enabling a “one click” recording of remediatory actions.

  • Track the outputs and outstanding items in a simple report format, plus send reminders, so that management can have actionable information which is essential to uncovering and handling causes of the risks discovered.

  • Ability to manage remedial actions with all involved parties in one single portal by assigning remediation tasks to multiple assignees both internal and external to your company.

  • Set up pre-defined remediation actions, so your team can easily select the relevant list of actions to ensure consistency and allowing you to maintain accuracy to your policies.


Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Price. Our technology solutions are all enterprise based pricing, simple and with set fees. Hosting and reporting is included as part of our pricing.

  • Flexibility. Hearing clients ideas on how we can develop new features helps us provide the best solutions. 

  • Client Focus. Each client has a dedicated client services person to assist them with the implementation and ongoing support of the technology platform. Clients receive very focused advice at all times, often in multiple languages if required.

  • Configurations. Technology as flexible as possible in order to to configure it to any programme.

  • In-house Development. The platform is built in-house and have a full software development team to improve the platform. Our in-house approach gives us greater speed and flexibility.

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