Our Solution:

Your company more than likely has thousands of third parties and a myriad of risks it needs to manage; from corruption, money laundering, to sanctions and export controls. Large volumes and tight deadlines can make screening projects difficult. Your team needs quick, easy to access results so you can make informed decisions. Let us manage your screening needs for you.

Our Managed Services teams utilise our proprietary IntegraWatch®| Compliance Screening platform to help you navigate your third party risks by: 

  • Managing your screening project from end-to-end
  • Screening each third party against the database and analyse results
  • Conducting false positive analysis to determine hits
  • Drafting a consolidate report of findings, so you can make quick, easy decisions

Outsource your database screening programme to us, and focus your time where it is truly needed. Our solution is ideal for organisations:

  • With quarter-end or year-end spikes in third party activity
  • Undergoing acquisition integration
  • With limited resources to handle false positive volumes
  • Lacking in-house compliance expertise to review watchlist findings

Read our Managed Onboarding Case Study:

Our Professional Services screened 3,000 third parties for a global auto manufacturer, and provided results back in less than 3 weeks.

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