Supplier Risk Management

We help ensure the suppliers you select meet the expectations of your integrity and compliance programme.

Suppliers are a necessary part of every business. Our job is to ensure all your suppliers positively contribute to your integrity and compliance programme, from the start of the selection process and throughout the lifecycle of your products. With our delivery methodology we manage 23 key risk areas in your suppliers. 


Our solutions to manage integrity and compliance risks in your supply chain:

  • Conducting reviews, audit and investigations on suppliers around integrity and compliance through transaction monitoring and assessments
  • Identifying potential supplier risks for global businesses by conducting risk assessments, screening and due diligence on proposed and existing suppliers
  • Supporting the suppliers to increase their awareness of risk that could impact downstream customers through education, communication and training
  •   Monitoring suppliers throughout the product lifecycle for changes in behavior, compliance regulations and sourcing expectations

A suite products and services that comprises:

A comprehensive methodology to evaluate the business practices of suppliers by gathering and analysing information as well as developing corrective action plans to ensure compliance with your supplier code of conduct

Thorough screening to make sure that your organisation has a complete profile of the supplier from an integrity and compliance perspective

Ready-made technology solutions that are highly configurable, integrate into your key ERP and procurement systems and manage the interactions with the suppliers, collection of information, conduct risk ratings and reporting around their integrity and compliance initiatives

Professional services teams with experience in managing risk and compliance available to manage your entire risk assessment programme, including creating risk profiles on suppliers, analysing the results of onsite audits, and communicating corrective action plans in any country for each of the 23 risk areas