We work with corporate investors to conduct deep-dive compliance reviews and background checks into investment targets.  

We regularly provide our products and services to:

  • in-house corporate development teams
  • investment managers
  • corporate strategy professionals.

Our products and solutions in this area are focused on assessing the compliance and integrity risks associated with the company and its executive, directors and shareholders.  Our work is often used to:

  • negotiate compliance matters in the closing contracts that need to be completed by the target company post-investment
  • find out whether the owners and key personnel have had prior issues around integrity or compliance violations
  • gain an understanding the companies' reputations in the market and how they operate in their markets.

Our ready-made products and solutions that are relevant to M&A teams include the following.

Professional services

Integrity Due Diligence

Integrity Due Diligence 

IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence helps you deal with sophisticated integrity risks involving companies and individuals requiring an in-depth due diligence approach. We have a wealth of experience in conducting due diligence for complex projects in challenging markets and on high-risk entities.  

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test the company and its operations against various matters, including their overall business reputation, potential illegal payments, gifts and entertainment payments, export control obligations, denied party and sanctions issues and use of intermediaries, with our IntegraSure® | Compliance Reviews and Audits.



Compliance Technology Platform 

M&A professionals play an integral role in acquisitions, mergers and dispositions of corporate assets. The ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform helps your teams determine the regulatory and compliance risk position of target entities.

The platform is the one-stop solution by which to engage with target entities and ask questions about their integrity and compliance policies. It is the centre of activity for all your background checks, compliance screenings and due diligence reporting of your third party business partners. 

Information Services 

Compliance Screening

With IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening we can conduct one-off and bulk-managed screening where we check our own databases for screening of companies, people and employees of target companies.

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