Onboarding selection review for a global logistics provider



The client is a multinational oil company operating in over 100 countries and being a major oil services company operating in the Middle East.

The client was looking to engage a new logistics supplier across the Middle East, specifically in Iraq, to move product in and out of Middle Eastern countries and also domestically within some countries. The focus was to engage a company that:

  • Had implemented a compliance programme that protected the risks of the client
  • Had no history of illegal dealings and a strong reputation for integrity
  • Engaged in border crossings legally, without paying bribes or facilitation payments.



We conducted:

  • A detailed background due diligence on the company and its principals before we undertook the work to identify the key public sources on the company
  • A compliance review of their operations, including:
    • A review of all material on compliance in all of its jurisdictions.
    • Interviews with over 50 people on site to test them for their compliance knowledge, process and procedures and ways to handle potential issues.
    • Visits to Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The client delivered our recommendations to the logistics company, and, with our client’s full support, we have now been engaged by the logistics company for many years, helping the company improve on any weak areas we identified in our review.



About one month in total for the review and report.


Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Country Knowledge. The project was across multiple countries and all of them in the Middle East.  We had to visit several countries, including Iraq. The lead project owner travelled, hard hat included, on site working with the local company on how they moved product through borders and how they engaged with local Government forces.
  • Understanding the Industry. To do these projects, you have to know the industry, you have to know how to deliver the project according to the highest standards but recognizing that you are in developing countries, some of which were and remain in stages of war.
  • Interviewing Skills.  Reading the material is one thing, but every good consultant knows that there is a lot more to compliance than what is read on a page. These projects involve deep interviewing skills and the ability to read people and appropriately probe them for information.




  • A review of the logistics company’s compliance programme and whether we thought it was being followed
  • A detailed background due diligence report


  • Recommendations that our client could pass to the logistics company to improve their compliance programme
  • Recommendations to the client to monitor the logistics company

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