Licences and Permit Reviews

We can provide our products and services to Governments and State Owned Entities to help them review applicants for licences and permits.

We can provide our products and services to:

  • any Government or Government Departments who manage immigration requests, and requests for business/residency permits and who needs to independently validate those applications
    • investment requests for foreign owners
    • applications to become registered as a professional transferring overseas licences
  • Government Invested Commercial Vehicles responsible for processing applications

Screening and background checks on applicants, licences and permit requests

  • We have a unique ability to provide background checks and screening on applicants for various approvals from various government procedures through our global coverage and ability to conduct searches confidentially with high levels of security and with a fast turnaround. We provide these services as part of an entire managed services end to end solution on your behalf or in your name. 
  • Our difference is:
    • the possible ability to structure a system where both the applicant and the Government authority and ourselves share the costs and revenue from these procedures
    • both onshore and offshore resources that can leverage round the clock solutions
    • expertise in 40 languages to review backgrounds for incoming resources form overseas
    • scaleable solutions with resources and technology needs
    • high levels of confidentiality and integrity

For more Information on our Government Services, contact Scott Lane, Chairman of The Red Flag Group