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LexisNexis Partnership Programme

The Red Flag Group® and Lexis Nexis. have partnered to create a mutually beneficial referral programme designed to give your clients quality due diligence reports when evaluating third parties.

Why Join?

Earn 10% commissions from successful referrals*

Increase client retention by expanding the scope of services that you can offer them

Download Brochure

Download Brochure

Data and intelligence that allows you to run risk-based background checks

Access our proprietary research, ratings and intelligence on companies and people across 194 countries.

Research, data and intelligence that gives you ad hoc access to due diligence checks. This allows you to meet your compliance, business, or legal due diligence requirements on a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ basis.

Feel confident in the information we provide because we have a team of compliance experts on the ground in countries around the world. They know how to research compliance issues and how to provide clients with intelligence and advice on who they are doing business with.

Make better decisions about:

  • Supplier onboarding

  • Channel partner onboarding

  • Partnerships with an organisation or person

  • Acquiring a company

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*Terms and conditions applied