Customer risk management ('KYC')

Managing customer risks is all about knowing your customers.

Banks have known this for years, but other types of companies have not. It's time to change that. 

The world has changed. You will be judged on who buys your products, how you sell your products and what products you allow people to buy. Whether it is a customer that has a bad reputation, is involved in money laundering, is trading your products on the black or grey market, or is involved in a fraud syndicate, there are ways to manage customer risks.

Our solutions to manage integrity and compliance risks in your customer base:

  • Conducting reviews, audits and investigations on suppliers around integrity and compliance throughout the life of their contract


  • Identifying risk in customer transactions and ensuring that companies sign up the right customers
  • Managing potential risks associated with new customers around contract compliance, sanctions, ethical and legal/regulatory behaviour

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