The IntegraWatch® Risk Methodology provides a succinct and comprehensive profile of global risks designed to protect business operations and reputation.

We utilise a combination of technology and highly qualified researchers to identify, evaluate, classify, and summarise risks from around the world on a daily basis.

We utilise technology that searches proprietary key words against defined web-based news publications every 24 hours. These key words searches pull out articles from the news sources, published during the preceding 24-hour period. The key words are related to the 23 risk areas we actively monitor. At least one, and generally multiple, news sources are monitored in this manner in every country of the world.


Highly qualified country experts drawn from Red Flag Group’s Professional Services staff, evaluate the articles identified by the news monitoring technology for inclusion in the database. Irrelevant news is discarded ensuring only real risks are presented.


Each risk identified by the Professional Services researcher is classified according to the risk presented into one of 23 risk areas. This aids the user in efficient remediation of hits and narrowing of search criteria when conducting searches.


Each risk identified is summarised in a short and succinct manner designed to convey the nature of the risk while reducing the amount of time needed by users to understand the issues presented.