Why undertake your ISO review with us?

The Red Flag Group® commenced operations over 12 years ago, with a focus upon FCPA compliance. 

We have expanded our operations to include such related issues as integrity due diligence investigations, supply chain risk management, compliance audits and anti-bribery training. 

The Red Flag Group® currently offers ISO compliance reviews on the following standards:  37001 and 19600

ISO 37001

Created by anti-bribery experts from over 40 countries, ISO 37001 is deliberately legislative agnostic that way ensuring that organisations can build a single anti-bribery programme without the need to overly worry about jurisdictional inconsistencies.

Building an anti-bribery programme using the requirements established within the standard will also in most instances meet most national regulatory requirements including those of the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act. 

ISO 19600

Created by compliance experts from around the world, ISO 19600 can be implemented by all organisations irrespective of their size, structure, nature and complexity.

Building a compliance programme using the guidance outlined within the standard will allow organisations to meet all of their regulatory obligations and manage their operational risks across international functions with a single uniform compliance framework. 

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ISO advisory services to assist organisations ensure their compliance frameworks meet ISO best practice requirements.

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