Why undertake a 37001 review 



For those organisations seeking to obtain 37001 certification the process can be made more efficient and cost effective by undertaking a review of your existing anti-bribery programme prior to commencing the certification process.  Members of The Red Flag Group® Team can review your anti-bribery framework making recommendations, if required, to increase the likelihood of your organization successfully achieving the status of 37001 certified.



While the ISO 37001 has been designed to allow organisations to have their anti-bribery frameworks certified, the fact that the standard represents the benchmark for international best practice means that even without a desire to pursue certification, organisations that measure their anti-bribery performance against the ISO 37001 can still derive benefits for themselves and their stakeholders.

Third party bribery risk mitigation 

Risk mitigation ISO 37001

Increasingly regulators are holding organisations accountable for the actions undertaken by their third parties. The creators of ISO 37001 were attuned to this growing risk when they developed the standard. Consequently, there is a significant focus upon third party bribery risk mitigation within the standard. 

Uncover any potential third party risk

third party risk

A 37001 review will not only identify any potential gaps within your currently anti-bribery framework, however, it will also assist in uncovering any third party risks that may exist and provide you with options on how to best mitigate these third-party anti-bribery threats.