ISO 37001 Certification

ISO 37001

First published in October 2016 and represents international best practice in the establishment of organizational anti-bribery compliance frameworks.

About ISO 37001 

Created by anti-bribery experts from over 40 countries, ISO 37001 is deliberately legislative agnostic that way ensuring that organisations can build a single anti-bribery programme without the need to overly worry about jurisdictional inconsistencies.

Building an anti-bribery programme using the requirements established within the standard will also in most instances meet most national regulatory requirements including those of the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act. 

    We help to meet the requirements of an effective anti-bribery compliance programme established by ISO 37001. Your business must implement a series of measures and controls that are designed to help prevent, detect, and deal with bribery.  These include:


    Establishing an anti-bribery policy


    Conducting anti-bribery risk assessments


    Obtaining managerial commitment and leadership


    Designing controls and implementing training programmes for employees and third parties


    Undertaking due diligence on projects and business associates


    Creating financial, commercial and contractual controls


    Performing regular reporting, monitoring, investigations and reviews


    Ensuring corrective action and continual improvement is undertaken