Why undertake a 19600 review 



ISO 19600 represents the benchmark for international best practice in the establishment of a compliance framework.  By ensuring your compliance framework is aligned to the standard you will be ensuring that you will have established the most effective and efficient processes possible to manage your compliance and operational risks, providing certainty for employees, customers, regulators and related parties.

Uncover potential weaknesses 


In having your current compliance framework reviewed against ISO 19600, we will be able to identify any gaps that exist and recommend the best ways to remediate your programme to ensure that each element of 19600 has been implemented to produce an effective compliance management system.

Keeping abreast of changing obligations 

Risk mitigation ISO 37001

In applying 19600 to your compliance programme, we will be able to assist you with creating processes that will ensure that you are able to keep up to date with a changing regulatory landscape.  We will also be able to assist you with the implementation of changing regulatory requirements with minimum interference to your organisation’s day to day operations.

Continuous improvement

third party risk

A key feature of an effective compliance programme is its ability to adapt to changing circumstances, identify and correct weaknesses while building upon key strengths.  Compliance programmes that are build around the 19600 guiding principles have this capacity.  At The Red Flag Group® we can ensure that your compliance programme will also have this capacity for sustainable renewal.