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Testing and investigating compliance programmes is an essential step in any Compliance programme.  We deliver testing in 40 languages and 194 countries.

Not testing a compliance programme regularly is a total failure and is against every grain of best practice.  There is an absolute need to test the compliance with the programme and to validate this regularly with best practices.

This is more about financial tests and checking financial checks, it is about testing all the obligations of the programme itself. For example, it is not about testing compliance with an expense claim process, it is about testing whether the expense claim process even make sense, whether it has been implemented, whether it works, whether it adds value, whether it is best practice, whether it is fit for purpose.

Our solutions in this area are all focused on building, checking and validating the implementation and effectiveness of integrity and compliance programmes.

We assist in conducting FCPA and other misconduct investigations. We have coverage to support you and your internal clients across the globe with digital forensics, e-discovery, email reviews, interviews, document reviews and due diligence.

Our focus and experience is reviewing, auditing and investigating misconduct across a range of risk areas.  

Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Broad Depth. While we conduct auditors, we are auditing process and procedures not just financials. While financials are important we want to look at the underlying transaction not just at the revenue or cost impact.
  • Domain Expertise.  We know the law and we know how to interpret policies and best practices across a large range of risk areas.  From HR compliance to compliance with corruption laws, we know, our risk areas and what needs to be done under local law, local practice as well as at HQ and home countries.
  • Languages. We have the ability to deliver audits in most countries and in most languages. Our team is spread around the World and have the experience to manage projects remotely with or without direct support from internal audit teams

Featured solutions


Integrity Due Diligence

IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence is the result of years of experience in giving insight to companies on whether their business partners are at risk of causing them damage. We have a proven, quality-assured methodology we apply to ensure that every engagement with you is perfectly delivered and matches your needs.


Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test compliance across a business unit, subsidiary or division with our IntegraSure® | Compliance & Integrity Audits. In many cases we conduct this review together with you. These reviews can be on any aspect, whether processes, finances or forensic.


Compliance Testing

We build systems to test compliance programmes.  Whether it is testing whether an export control programme works, or whether an anti-bribery programme actually stops bribes or whether managers interviewing staff in a country know the questions that they can't ask during interviews, we build testing programmes and implement them globally.

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