Integrity Due Diligence in 30 Points


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Integrity Due Diligence in 30 Points

The days of pure FCPA and sanctions due diligence are over. Every due diligence report on a third party is going to be different based on who your third party is and what they do. Even the same report on the same company ordered by separate clients will be different because the work the third party is doing for that particular company creates a unique set of risks. Reports are uniquely relevant to your business and describe exactly what you need to know – nothing more, nothing less.

When look back five years ago, many due diligence providers’ activities were dedicated to FCPA due diligence focused on bribery and sanctions when working with channel partners, resellers, distributors, agents and intermediaries. However, The Red Flag Group has recognised that focusing strictly on bribery and sanctions creates a liability for companies as a full spectrum of risks must be considered to fully protect a company against the many ways that third parties can cause them harm.

The 30 points in this whitepaper summarise the major developments of the Firm’s due diligence advancements. While this list is not inclusive of every change that has been made in, it represents the areas that are the most important to clients and ones that should be noted when examining any due diligence report.

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